RedHed® Tools Garden Tool Master Kit - Soft Case - Heavy Duty Garden Shovel

$199.00 USD

Product Description

Garden Tool Master Kit:

1 Bag
4 Tool Heads
32 Different Tool Combinations

The difference is in the details! Simply put, we've engineered the Garden Tool Master Kit for heavy duty work. The new connections are made from high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for extra strength and corrosion resistance. For even greater strength, we place a solid piece of hardwood down the center. We've also attached a new ergonomic and super-strong D-grip handle.

The Garden Tool Master Kit is still compact, versatile, dependable—it’s what everyone needs. The four handles, tool extender, and sturdy case help you get the job done. It is created for the hardcore individual who needs portable, modular, quality tools for their home or work.


It only makes sense that our Garden Tool Master Kit includes the four most used, most essential tools:

  • Round, Pointed Shovel
  • Flathead Shovel
  • Metal Rake 
  • Push Broom

Our professional tool heads are made of top-quality, corrosion-resistant steel, 30% thicker than comparable tools. We powder coat the steel for an extra layer of rust protection and long-lasting good looks.


There’s nothing like the exquisite feel of REDHED®’s oil-rubbed, premium hardwood handle in your bare hands. Incredibly smooth is just the beginning. The straight-grained, shock-resistant hardwood is ideal because of its natural combination of strength, toughness, hardness, and stiffness. In sum, it just feels wicked good in your grip.

You’ll find 2 ergonomic, 1 3/8” thick handle styles with 2 lengths each in the kit: 

  • Straight Grip (long and short) 
  • Reinforced D-Grip (long and short)

Mix and match your handle lengths and long handle extender depending on the task at hand.  Shorter lengths are also great for youngsters helping out or for alternative uses: offroad, camping, RV, mountain bike trail builders... You decide.  


The key to the REDHED® system is our patent-pending, fast and easy connector system that quickly self-aligns with every tool change, which, incidentally, takes just 2 to 3 seconds. Insert, twist, and click—yup, it’s that easy!

The all-metal parts, dirt-resistant design, and unique high-tension wave spring ensure your tool will function properly for years.


Constructed of heavy denier nylon, the water-resistant custom storage case neatly stores each kit piece in its designated spot, with pull-tabs to lock them in place. You’ll love that it’s:

  • Lightweight – weighing a mere 29 pounds with tools 
  • Compact – measures 27 1/2” x 18 1/2” x 6 3/4”
  • Strong – made of ballistic nylon
  • Portable & Storable – includes a shoulder strap and 2 handles for carrying and hanging


1 - Storage Bag
1 - Spade Shovel Insert
1 - Square Shovel Insert
1 - Metal Garden Rake
1 - Heavy Duty Push Broom
1 - Short Straight Grip Handle
1 - Long Straight Grip Handle
1 - Short D-Grip Handle
1 - Long D-Grip Handle
1 - Handle Extender

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