Why RedHed Tools?

Developed by a landscape professional with 20 years of experience, REDHED® tools are built to withstand the rigors of use. Now you have a tool system you can use with confidence no matter where you are or what you do!


redhed tools durabilityTypical garden tools just don’t last; they are built to fail. It's called "planned obscolescence". The inexpensive handles and the thin metal heads break, split, or just plain ol’ wear out. And at $40.00, $50.00, even $70.00 a piece, the cost adds up. A one-time investment in REDHED Tools keeps money in your pocket over the long haul. Our motto is "Invest once, Enjoy for a Lifetime!"


Carry 32 high quality garden tools in just 1 small case. It fits almost anywhere—behind your truck seat, in your car trunk, in your RV, in a coat closet, on the back of your 4-wheeler..... The Essential Kit’s footprint is just 27” x 18” x 7”; not much bigger than a carry-on suitcase.


redhed tools portabilityThese tools are truly “grab ‘n’ go.” It's size makes it easy to take all your essential tools with you to the backyard, the job site, grandma’s house, the barn, camping or anywhere traditional long handled tools were hard to take. And with a spot in the case for every tool, you’ll never leave a tool behind again.


Comfort is crucial. Our university research partners helped us design tools you can use for hours with less fatigue. We focused on 3 important features:

  1. Handle – The thicker, ergonomic handles are easier to grip and use. 1 3/8" is the thickest in the industry!
  2. Weight – The handles are made of premium hickory wood, the same material used in baseball bats. It’s unbelievably strong yet lightweight for all-day use by gardeners and baseball players alike. 
  3. Balance – REDHED tools are carefully weighted to achieve the proper balance so they work with you, not against you.

And style? Absolutely! The red color always draws second looks and tells everyone you’re using a REDHED.