The RedHed Story

redhed tools founder

As the owner of a successful landscaping business, I’ve spent thousands of dollars over the years replacing shovels, rakes, and brooms because these important tools all failed after a year. I tried wood, fiberglass, aluminum, industrial plastic, and even carbon fiber. I frequently asked myself,“Why can’t someone build a garden tool that holds up to daily use for at least a year before cracking, splitting, or breaking? Why are we almost expected to replace our tools every year? What’s happened to quality and pride in craftsmanship?"

redhed tools research team

After experimenting for years with subpar tools, I suddenly realized I was in the perfect position to do something about my frustrations. I could use my knowledge of tools and landscaping—and my crew as “research assistants”—to develop the next generation of quality garden tools, ones that are built to last a lifetime. And thus began my REDHED journey, one that led to the most durable, long-lasting garden tools on the market.

I know you will love using your REDHED tools for years to come. And when you are done with them, I hope you pass them down to your children or grandchildren. Yes, they really are “Tools. For Life.”

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Keep on digging,

Rick Meinzer
Professional Landscaper
Founder, REDHED® Tools