RedHed Tools for RVs, Trailers and Campers

Owning an RV, equipped with the right parts, accessories and supplies, makes the RV Lifestyle more enjoyable. Whether you have a trailer, a camper, or an RV, RedHed Tools will make a great addition! Our modular and portable tool system fits easily into a trailer, a camper or a locker. No more worry about tools rattling around, making a mess or the need for covers.

Weighing less than 32 pounds, this all in one tool system is all you will ever need for your camping, outdoor, and recreational lifestyle. Whether it’s sweeping a patio, raking a campsite, getting rid of water, or shoveling a flat spot, we have all the right tool accessories.

As an added benefit, the grandkids will stay entertained for hours raking, sweeping, digging and having fun!

All RedHed parts, accessories, and supplies are built to the highest standard and assembled in the United States.  

Join the growing number of RV, Trailer and Camper enthusiasts who have discovered how well RedHed Tools perform outdoors.

Throw out the rusted tools with splintered handles, that rattle around and take up too much space, and enjoy this space saving solution that never rattles, similar to a carry on suitcase, full of 32 different tool combinations.

You will be the talk of the campground!

Purchase now and enjoy a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.