RedHed Tools for Emergency Preparedness Kits

When emergency or disaster strikes, which is happening with increased frequency, preparedness will make ALL the difference. Whether it is a massive snow storm and resultant flooding, fire, drought, or economic crisis, millions of people are taking steps NOW so they, and their families, are prepared.

It’s not enough to just have food and water in times of disaster. Depending on the emergency, having the right information, resources, tools and knowledge will make the difference between life and death.

RedHed Tools designed their patented, built in the USA “grab n go” tool system as the ultimate portable tool system that every prepper, survivalist, homesteader, and emergency preparedness expert needs. Equipped with a spade shovel, a flat shovel, a heavy duty metal rake and bulletproof push broom, and a rugged carry case, you will have essential survival tools.

Whether you are preparing a shelter, digging a trench to channel water, planting a garden for food, sweeping out a tent or trailer, or clearing debris,  these disaster friendly tools perform.

Don’t wait any longer, you won’t find a better tool system on the planet! Make the investment in the only tool system you will ever need TODAY and join the growing number of Emergency Preparedness, Survivalists, Preppers and Homesteaders who have invested in the RedHed Tools system.

Purchase now and enjoy a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.


NYC Fire Department
There is a reason the worlds most elite Fire Fighters, the New York City FD, have been testing RedHed’s tools: they perform in the harshest environments!

Survival Expert/TV host Mykel Hawke
 “I believe in your tools!”