REDHED® Tools is the result of an experiment . A single question started a journey.  This journey, informed by intense knowledge, research, development,  collaboration, customer feedback and the belief that garden tools could be improved resulted in the creation of the most innovative tool company in existence. Our willingness to ask “what if” and “why not” with a passion for quality and innovation led to the creation of a modular tool system which is changing the way people interact with tools!

redhed tools

Setting all restraints aside, we asked questions no one else was asking.  How can we solve the problem of tool storage, durability and portability? What are the best materials to use for a handle? Why is there so much disparity in handle thickness? What is the ideal thickness for strength, comfort and ease of use? What is the best wood? What is the best  finish for a wooden handle?  Can we make shovel heads thicker? What is the best coating for metal?  Can we create a better rake, push broom, D Handle? Could we create a Quick Connect system that would be stronger that a standard handle while not requiring additional tools or limiting handle comfort? Could we use this patent pending Quick Connect system for tool heads and handle configurations? Could we build a case small enough, and light enough, to transport the necessary tools?

After years of research, testing and experimentation, we have created a Modular Tool System that is ELEGANT and UNIQUE.  Our tools works better than we ever imagined. We invite you to take part in the REDHED Revolution!