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The Almighty Pledge

Our Mission

RedHed Tools LLC manufactures superior quality garden tools for landscapers, gardeners, home improvers, off roaders, etc. We want to change the way people interact with tools and are dedicated to making products that last a lifetime.

Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee our products will last a lifetime! Please understand the warranty only applies when you maintain and use these products correctly. Take the following into consideration:

  1. Tools should be used in the appropriate manner (driving over, sledding on, or using as a pry-bar are not deemed as “appropriate”).
  2. The Carry Case is NOT indestructible. It is meant to carry tools, not to protect them from severe accidents. Dragging on the ground, throwing off a building, etc. will obviously cause damage, which is not covered by the warranty.
  3. Wooden Handles need to be treated regularly (see instructions page).
  4. Tools WILL show signs of normal wear and tear. This wear adds to the character and story of your tools. It does not mean they need to be replaced.
  5. Warranty covers the tool heads and metal connections, it does not cover the wood.
  6. Warranty is included with all Master Kits ONLY and may NOT be purchased with the Essential Kit.
  7. Warranty must be registered within 45 days of purchase to be valid.

*To qualify for the warranty: Register your kit by submitting the online form below. In the event that our products fail to perform, contact our office for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and instructions. Any questions or inquiries should be forwarded to our Warranty Department at