About Us

Say hello to REDHED®: The easy-to-use, industrial-strength yet compact tool system designed to assemble in seconds and last forever. No more replacing broken garden tools. No more figuring out where to store that growing mountain of shovels, rakes and brooms.  

Whether you're a weekend gardening warrior, a prepper, an outdoor enthusiast, a professional landscaper or contractor, REDHED can take whatever you can dish out. Hand made with lathed, sanded and oil-rubbed premium hickory handles, this tool has a great feel. At 1 3/8-inches thick, the handles are virtually indestructible, while the steel powder coated Dupont acrylics finish is the most rugged in the industry.

Developed and exclusively patent pending by an award winning, nationally recognized landscaper, (Rick Meinzer, our Founder) REDHED is revolutionizing garden tools with its intuitive design. We are literally re-thinking and re-defining the very tools that have been around for thousands of years.

A key component in our process is the patent-pending Quick Connect system, which is integrated into all REDHED tools. Each connector is milled to exact tolerances out of 1 3/8-inch solid aluminum. This ensures that all pieces have a seamless fit to create the strongest of tools. Just press, hold and twist the die-cast slider to quickly attach or detach all heads and handles. No extra tools needed! The amazing thing about the Quick Connect system is the spring and solid steel locking pin. It guarantees perfect alignment. And its rock-solid construction means it performs flawlessly, even in the roughest of working conditions.

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