Perfect Planter™ Planting Tool by RedHed® Tools

$39.99 USD

Product Description

2014 Retailers' Choice Award Winner

Perfect Angles.
Perfect Spacing.
Perfect Yard.

One secret behind professional landscaping is accurate plant layout. The REDHED Perfect Planter™ is a tool to help DIY gardeners lay out a professional, healthy yard. Perfect Planter’s flexibility means that it can be used for a wide variety of layouts, from formal to organic. With the Perfect Planter™, you now have the right tool to arrange your plants professionally every time, with accurate angles and consistent spacing.

Perfect Planter™ specifications:

- 12 articulated 12” arms, each joined at the end to rotate 360 degrees, and lock every 15 degrees

- Red glass filled ABS with white silk screened logo and usage markings

- Stainless steel hinges with integrated long life nylon indexing springs

- Arms can be arranged in  a wide variety of configurations to accurately set plant spacing and angles

- Included flags are used to mark plant locations prior to digging

- Flags are 12” long steel rods with white polypropylene flags



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