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RedHed's Modular Tool System: A Portable Tool Revolution

As society becomes more active, and the great outdoors becomes more accessible, portable and reliable solutions are required. A new class of quality, portable, and durable products have entered the scene creating innovative solutions.

Long handled garden tools take up so much room on shelves and racks, and are even more difficult to manage when you need to take them with you on life’s adventures. They won’t fit in a trunk, and generally require a pick up bed or trailer for transportation. Because of their awkward and clumsy nature, we choose to leave them behind and hope they won’t be needed.

Not happy with the Swiss Army shovel of your youth? Are you tired of buying tools and cutting them in half so they are portable? Have you struggled to find a way to take the necessary tools with you on your excursions because you simply don’t have room? Are you one of the unlucky ones who bought the cheap garden tool, only to have it break in your moment of greatest need?

Have you ever “gone without” because you haven’t needed something in the past, only to encounter a crisis or emergency which you weren’t prepared to handle? The regret of not being prepared with the right tools and resources often prompts people to look for a solution to their unique crises so they will never be in that situation again.

RedHed Tools has pioneered a modular tool system with a patented interlocking male/female connection that is a game changer. Each of the included pieces, built in the USA, offer you ultimate flexibility and portability for any of your adventure needs. Built to the highest standard, you can use these products with confidence!

Whether you are an off-roader, a jeeper, an RVer, a camper, a mountain biker, a BMX trail builder or a fan of the outdoors, check out the exclusive offerings provided by RedHed Tools at