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DIY Essentials For 2017

Do you consider yourself part of the growing DIY movement? Since the Great Recession, more and more people have discovered the joy of Doing It Yourself. Why pay someone else’s outrageous fees when with a little homework, the right tools, and the willingness to give it a try, you can DIY! As this movement continues to grow, and more videos and tutorials become available online, having the right TOOLS for the job is essential.

People are discovering that they can save money, while acquiring the necessary tools and materials for their DIY projects.  This investment pays off, as you tackle more projects, and find satisfaction in fixing or repairing it yourself. Simple tasks like fixing a sink, changing out light fixtures, painting a room, repairing a roof, fixing a broken sprinkler, planting a garden or changing the oil can be daunting at first, but with a little effort, you will discover that not only does it save you a ton of money doing it yourself, but you will enjoy the experience.

So, what are the right tools for your DIY projects? That answer totally depends on what you are fixing. For repairs on autos, bikes and machines, you will want a good set of socket wrenches, a crescent wrench, needle nose plyers, oil filter wrench and set of screwdrivers. For repairs around the house, you will want a tape measure, paint brush, wrenches, plyers, screwdrivers, gloves, headlamp, utility knife, wire cutter/stripper and putty knife. For projects in the yard, you will want a good quality metal rake, push broom, spade shovel, and square shovel.

This list is obviously a starting point, but acquiring the right tools for the job matters. Unfortunately, many tool manufacturers have succumbed to the “low price” model of cheap and disposable tools. These are the tools you will likely find at most department stores or large retail chains.  They are manufactured to “bare minimum”standards with the mindset that if it breaks, which it will, you will be forced to buy another one. It works well for manufacturers and retailers, but it sucks for DIYer’s.

Why is this model bad you ask? Let’s think about it. Imagine you have set aside a Saturday morning to fix the broken sprinklers in your yard. You know that you have 4 hours to tackle this project. You have watched videos online, you have been to the store and bought the parts you think you will need, and you have secured the right tools. You start digging your hole, using your $25.00 WalMart shovel. You immediately notice that as soon as you insert the shovel in the ground, the metal flexes way more than you expected. No biggie, you keep digging. The area you are digging in seemed like the right spot, but as you find the pipe, you realize the water is coming from a different area, so you dig more. The fiberglass handle, while lightweight, seems pretty flimsy.  As you push down on the handle, to dislodge a rock, the handle snaps in half, fiberglass splinters everywhere. Off to the store you go, and you then have a dilemma. Buy another $25.00 cheap-o shovel, or do you invest a little more, and buy something like a contractor grade shovel? Sure, it’s 3x the cost, but as you check it out more thoroughly, you realize this thing is tough! Solid metal head and metal neck, with a thick wooden handle. The minute you pick this thing up, you notice the difference. That difference is going to cost you a little more money, but you decide it’s worth it.

You drive home, and immediately realize this shovel performs better; it digs through the dirt better, it feels more solid in your hands, and when you leverage the handle, it doesn’t bend or fatigue. You feel confident you bought a tool that will last for many years. You decide from now on, you are going to do your research, and buy quality versus cheap. You start looking at brands like Craftsmen, that offer a lifetime warranty. Instead of buying a cheap lawn mower or weed eater, you ask mechanic’s their opinion on different brands and models. You quickly discover the cheap retail offerings are disposable- no mechanic will touch them. A whole new world opens up to you, and you become passionate about investing in tools that perform, that are built to a higher standard, that are built so well they can be used for a lifetime!

RedHed Tools was born with the philosophy that tools should be built so well they can be passed down to the next generation. Built in the USA, every piece of a RedHed Tool is built to the highest standard. Their philosophy is buy once, enjoy a lifetime. Maybe it’s time to check out RedHed Tools and invest in a system that will perform under the most demanding situations. Check them out at today!