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RedHed's Modular Tool System: A Portable Tool Revolution

As society becomes more active, and the great outdoors becomes more accessible, portable and reliable solutions are required. A new class of quality, portable, and durable products have entered the scene creating innovative solutions.Long handled garden tools take up so much room on shelves and racks, and are even more difficult to manage when you need to take them with you on life’s adventures. They won’t fit in a trunk, and generally require a pick up bed or trailer for transportation. Because of their awkward and clumsy nature, we choose to leave them behind and hope they won’t be needed.Not happy with the Swiss Army shovel of your youth? Are you tired of buying tools and cutting them in half...

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Essential Items For Your 2017 Emergency Preparedness Planning

If you haven’t noticed, natural disaster, political turmoil, and unrest are occurring with greater frequency. Whether it’s global warming, El Nino, politics, access to disasters through social media sharing, or people’s desire to explore and live in areas that many consider dangerous, being prepared has become an increasingly important requirement.As you plan your 2017 Emergency Preparedness purchases, consider these areas of focus: Food, Water, Shelter, and Subsistence. Let’s take a few minutes and explore each area.FOODMost people start their preparations by purchasing FOOD. This is a great place to start as food is critical for survival. It’s good to have grains, dehydrated food, canned goods, and frozen items on hand. It’s also important that you know how to prepare these...

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DIY Essentials For 2017

Do you consider yourself part of the growing DIY movement? Since the Great Recession, more and more people have discovered the joy of Doing It Yourself. Why pay someone else’s outrageous fees when with a little homework, the right tools, and the willingness to give it a try, you can DIY! As this movement continues to grow, and more videos and tutorials become available online, having the right TOOLS for the job is essential.People are discovering that they can save money, while acquiring the necessary tools and materials for their DIY projects.  This investment pays off, as you tackle more projects, and find satisfaction in fixing or repairing it yourself. Simple tasks like fixing a sink, changing out light fixtures,...

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