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In this disposable age of planned obsolescence, Quality and Craftsmanship are terms rarely heard when referring to long-handled garden tools. Manufacturers now mass produce cheap, and unreliable throw-away tools. Inexpensive handles, made from soft woods, flimsy fiberglass, or lightweight extruded aluminum with mediocre metal heads aren’t capable of handling the tasks they were built for.
Everyone knows the frustration of breaking a tool “mid project”, whether that be working in the yard, on a job site, at the campground, or even off-roading. What a pain! The broken tool is thrown in the garbage, and you head off to the store to spend another $30.00 for a tool you know won’t last! Before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on disposable tools.
REDHED Tools believes tools should be made so well they can last a lifetime. Every component in the REDHED tool system demonstrates heirloom Quality and Craftsmanship. We guaranty you will feel the difference.
We know tools! We know where manufacturer’s cut corners and we know the failure points in tools. We have done the research and testing so you don’t have to. Our pledge is that you can use your REDHED Tools with confidence!
Our patented Quick Connect system is recognized as the best on the planet! Welcome to modular garden tools; tools that accommodate your active lifestyle. Durabilty, Portability, Flexibility and Expandability like you have never experienced.
Retool your thinking with REDHED garden tools.