RedHed Tools: Heavy Duty Garden Tools

RedHed Tools offers innovative and fresh alternative to traditional gardening tools. We have re-invented how people will use and interact with their gardening tools thanks to the simplistic and intuitive patent-pending design. RedHed Tools manufactures quality garden tools for home improvers, landscapers, and gardeners. Our company’s mission is to change the way our customers interact with their tools. We are dedicated to providing products that will last a lifetime. Our products are:

• Durable
• Portable
• Expandable
• Space saving

Retool your thinking with RedHed garden tools.

Our History

Rick Meinzer is the founder of RedHed Tools and chose the name RedHed due to the red powder coating used on our tool heads which provides a corrosion resistance product and the brilliant red look. Rick was a professional landscaper for 20 years and it was an important life goal of his to invent a set of gardening tools that would last a lifetime; tools of heirloom quality that a customer could pass onto the next generation. Rick is against seeing tools that are built to fail overtime. Rick also wanted to include a smooth design; allowing for the user to slide their hand up and down the tool without hitting any bumps or other obstructions. This allows for the tool to be clean and comfortable. Portability was also important to Rick since he wanted the RedHed garden tools to be easily transported and stored; it can fit in the back of a truck or in a storage closet.
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Our Products

RedHed Tools offers one essential kit. This kit contains one bag and four tools. These tools each have eight different variations that can be used. This allows our product to have 32 different variations available to our customers. The ultimate goal of our product is to provide a multi shovel and interchangeable garden tool that is dependable, versatile, and compact. Our kit is the only kit that you’ll need for your gardening work. Our four tool heads include the following:

• Round, pointed shovel
• Flathead shovel
• Metal rake
• Push broom

The Redhed system is patent pending and ultimately allows you to change your tool set-up in only a few seconds. It is as simple as inserting, twisting, and clicking. This fast and easy connector system will save you tons of time while working and allow you to have the right tool for any job on hand. The wooden handles offer long and short grips that can be combined to provide additional length. The handles are made from a premium hickory wood and it is shock resistant and straight grained. These handles offer toughness and strength to go along with the rest of our quality product. The storage case for the product is crafted from heavy denier nylon and it is water resistant. Each piece of the kit has its own designated spot to ensure that everything has its place. The storage case is strong, compact, portable, storable, and lightweight.
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Our Customers

Our customers are highly important to us and as a result, we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our products. This lifetime warranty assumes that you are also using your tools in an appropriate manner Redhed tools are designed to last your lifetime as long as they’re properly maintained and taken care of.. We recommend that our customers follow proper care instructions for their RedHed tools. This includes seeing the wooden parts of the tools treated with a special wax semi-annually. The connectors for the RedHed tools should also be kept clear of debris and regularly cleaned. This can be done by gently tapping the connector while rinsing it with water. It is recommended that customers avoid using lubricants or grease on the connectors as that can attract unwanted dirt. RedHed Tools offers a full refund within 90 days of purchase of our product if you are not completely satisfied.
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